Essential knowledge and skills

Est. in 1995

Essential knowledge and skills

Est. in 1995



Our services are applicable to ocean / seagoing vessels, inland navigation, cargoes, yachts, cranes & cargo handling equipment, fishing vessels, terminals, cruiseliners and much more

Quantity control

Quantity control Cargo quantity control is done to assure that loaded or unloaded cargo number, quantity or weight is same as stated in bill of lading, mate’s receipt or etc.  This can be...

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing (NDT)   Our certified non-destructive testing (NDT) laboratory can offer: ultrasonic ( UT) testing magnetic (MT) testing visual (VT) testing penetrant...

Cargo damage survey

Cargo damage survey Different kind of cargo has its own properties, and has different reaction to external factors, which may have influence the cargo quality. During voyages cargo might be...

UTM – Ultrasonic Thickness measurement

UTM – Ultrasonic Thickness measurement Ultrasonic Thickness measurement method is an accurate, fast and relatively inexpensive method to determine thickness and perform corrosion mapping on ferrous and non-ferrous materials UTM is part of whole process...

Warehouse Inspection

Warehouse Inspection Warehouse inspection commonly are done to ensure that goods are stored according to product requirements before cargo transportation. Moreover to ensure that warehouse...

Stowage, lashing and securing surveys

Stowage, lashing and securing surveys This survey is done to ensure if cargo stowage, lashing and securing is done according to IMO, SOLAS and administration requirements....

Collision surveys

Collision surveys   Collision surveys are conducted when vessel suffers damage from a contact to other vessel or object. Collision accidents may occur during voyage, berthing, anchorage,...

Cargo pre-shipment survey

Cargo pre-shipment survey In most contracts of carriage, the shipper’s responsibilities begin at the time of loading and it is therefore important to inspect the cargo before this...

Expertise, Professionalism and Trust

Our company provides high-quality consulting services, prepares expert examinations and reports related with sea- and inland vessels, leisure boats, yachts and motor boats, containers, trailers, railway wagons and their cargo. We rely on expertise of our highly qualified professionals – sea shipping specialists and cargo experts.

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